Casa fix is active in the field of home and professional heating. Our experienced crew undertakes all the necessary work for the proper installation and operation of heating systems in both residential and business premises as well as their maintenance. Our long-term experience in Heating, results in the choice of the most reliable materials in the market.

In any case, we propose the most optimal and techno-economic solutions. We offer many alternatives for you, presenting the positive and negative aspects of each heating system with installation cost analysis, cost estimation and future maintenance cost estimation. Our goal is to meet your energy needs, always aiming to your own interest.

In any case, we aim to reduce heat loss and maintain the energy levels of the space. Representing only the largest construction companies, we provide you with all the necessary materials for the implementation of your heating installation.

We offer study the supply and installation of heating to:

  • Floor heating
  • Geothermal Systems
  • Solar systems for residential heating
  • Floor drowsiness
  • Boilers & Individual Units of Oil, Gas, LPG, Wood, Pellet
  • Energy Fireplaces & Wood Stoves, Pellet
  • Heaters, Circulator Switches, Boiler Materials
  • Thermostats, Automation
  • Building energy management systems

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