Bathroom renovation at Mandrino hotel

Underfloor heating with gass boiler

Gass installation in Thessaloniki

Replacement central boiler pipes in the hotel DAIOS in Crete

Replacement of central boiler room pipes at DAIOS hotel

WC renovation of a house in Athito

Bathrooms renovations at PARK hotel

Indoor gass installation on a rooftop room

Installation of water supply and drainage around the premiseshe

Gass instalation and boiler supply

Under floor heating with pumps in a building in Sofouli

Bathroom design and renovation in Sykies

Under floor heating with gass in Vogatsikou

Installation gass

Under floor heating with gas boilers under construction in K. Toumpa

Installation of under floor heating in a house in Panorama

Geothermal installation in 2 houses in N.Risio

Installation of solar panels in a hotel in Kos island

Drainage system in Sani

Replacement of central sewer on luminaire

Central sewer replacement in Tsimiski street

Replacement of fire Brigade in Ag.Panteleimonas

Bathroom renovation in a hotel in Thessaloniki

Replacement of central drainage in the courtyard of the construction site in Kalamaria

Underfloor heating with water pumps

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