Our company makes complete renovation of your bathroom and kitchen.
It undertakes the dismantling of your old bathroom, the kitchen, debris, the installation of new plumbing and drainage pipes, the placement of tiles and new sanitary ware. To fully meet your needs, we work with technicians of all specialties such as electricians, painters, plasters, plasterers and others.
We undertake, together with the decorators and architects we are working with, to completely renovate your bathroom and your kitchen.

The stages of our work:

  1. We will visit your place and we will record all your needs.
  2. We will design and recommend the best possible solutions for the functionality of your space.
  3. We have the ability to supply you products from our store at the best prices on the market.
  4. Launching the renovation and completing it on the scheduled dates of our agreement.
  5. Complete delivery of the project.

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